Peter Dixon

Peter is an expert in Insomnia, zolpidem (Ambien) and all things related to sleeping pills. Graduating the University of Manchester – in the United Kingdom – with a Master of Arts degree in Modern and Contemporary Literature, Peter has distinguished himself throughout his education. Drawn to Manchester by his love of both literature and music, Peter fully embraced University life and the local music scene. Encouraged to volunteer at the student union volunteer hub, and having recently lost his two grandmothers to Dementia, Peter signed up as an older people’s group volunteer.


This unexpected twist of fate changed Peters career path and cemented his decision to pursue a career helping other people. Spending his free time in the later years of university, studying, researching and blogging about degenerative brain diseases including dementia and Alzheimer’s, Peter developed a keen interest in cognitive behavioral therapy and alternative ways to stimulate the brain and reduce brain shrinkage in later life.

With his outstanding skill set, his ability to bring meaning and understanding to a complex subject as well as his undoubted empathy, we are confident that Peter’s blogs will offer our readers new and interesting ways to improve their health and well-being.

Most recently Peter has been researching how the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic is affecting our sleep, and the best sleeping pills for dealing with it!

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Content Updated: 20th January 2021
Review Due Date: January 2022