Over the years, generic medications have received a lot of negative feedback, most of which can be proven false with simple fact sharing. Generic medications are equally as effective as name-brand medications, but available for much less money, and under different names. These medications can be a savior for so many people who simply cannot justify the costs associated with some of the name-brand options available. Since some of these name-brand medications can cost the same price for one pill as generics do for nearly a one-month supply, people worldwide are beginning to make the switch.

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It is important for people who believe that generics are not as effective, or not as safe as name-brand medications to know what it takes to become a legal medication. Every single medication that is produced by a generic pharmaceutical company must undergo strenuous reviews conducted by the FDA Generic Drug Program. These reviews check that the generic option is biochemically identical to that of the name-brand option.

What is Zopiclone?

Zopiclone is a strong sleeping medication that is used to battle heavy bouts of insomnia in adults aged 18 and over. This medication is a generic version of the name-brand option Imovane, which helps the patient get to sleep earlier, while helping to stop you from waking throughout the night. Zopiclone is a member of a drug family known as nonbenzodiazepine hypnotics, which are generally prescribed as short-term treatments for the condition.

While Zopiclone is not a 'cure' for those who experience insomnia, it is a very effective tool that can be used to adjust the bodies sleeping patterns. Since this medication is not recommended to be used for long periods, the patient must also make changes in their nighttime routines to fix their sleep patterns. These changes should include getting to bed at the same time each night, avoiding all screen time while in bed, and avoiding caffeine in the evening time.

What is Insomnia?

There are several different characteristics of insomnia that can assist with defining this sleeping disorder. For people who find themselves regularly unable to fall asleep and staring at the back of their eyelids for hours each night, this would likely be insomnia related. The inability to fall asleep is not the only defining factor of this condition; those who fall asleep easily, but are unable to stay asleep throughout the night may have insomnia.

There are several symptoms of the condition that most are unaware are related to the sleeping condition at all. While most people think this condition is just an inability to sleep, that is not always the case. People who believe they are getting enough sleep at night but are drowsy and tired the following day regularly are likely not getting a night of proper deep sleep. The inability to fall into this the deep sleep we all require could fit this condition also.

While some have always dealt with bouts of insomnia, some may only just recently begin experiencing it. For those who only experience insomnia in periods of 3-months or less, this is considered short-term. When the patient experiences regular bouts, lasting over 3 months at a time, this is long-term and is more difficult to address.

Is Zopiclone the same as Imovane?

Zopiclone is in every way the same medication as Imovane, offering the same great results, and same safety profiles. The only differences to be spoken of between the two medications are the companies who manufacture them, and the prices. The most notable difference between the two medications is that patients in need of Zopiclone have access to it from online pharmacies, whereas Imovane requires a prescription. When patients buy Zopiclone from online pharmacies, they do not require any consultations either.

When changing from Imovane to Zopiclone, a patient would not be able to tell the difference between the two medications without being told they were different. Every effect offered by one is mimicked by the other, from dosage strengths to how long it lasts and even potential side effects.

How Does Zopiclone Work?

When taking Zopiclone, patients will take notice of its hypnotic effects, helping them get to sleep in a much more reasonable amount of time than without the medication. This occurs by the active ingredient in the medication causing the central nervous system to depress. The way that the medication does this is by making its way to the brain, where it then will increase the activity of a neurotransmitter known as GABA. When this neurotransmitter becomes stimulated, it can help the patient sleep earlier, as well as avoid waking up throughout the night without reason.

Since GABA is an inhibitory transmitter, which is known to slow or stop the activity of other neurotransmitters in the brain, an increase in GABA quiets the brains level of activity. This in turn will assist with initially getting to sleep, as well as staying asleep for 7-8 hours for most.

Benefits of Zopiclone

For anyone who is tired of suffering each day from lack of sleep at night due to insomnia, there are truly so many benefits to be had from the use of Zopiclone. First and foremost, people who use Zopiclone will, of course, begin getting a much better nights sleep, waking up much more refreshed each morning.

Studies were conducted using both Zopiclone, as well as another sleeping medication known as Nitrazepam for treating insomnia. The medications were given to 20 patients at random, at which point researchers began to record their findings. It was noticed that those who were using Zopiclone were found to have a decrease in their levels of anxiety compared to those using nitrazepam.

Zopiclone is intended to be used as a sleep tool, assisting the patient to guide themselves into a healthier sleep pattern. The medications ability to be used as a tool to assist with natural sleep patterns is a massive benefit rather than being used as a permanent dependent method of sleep.

Zopiclone Usage Instructions

For people who are using Zopiclone for the first time, there are several important aspects that should first be acknowledged to avoid problems during the medicating process. It is very important that this medication only be used an hour before going to bed. Using this medication at any other time could be dangerous, due to the state the medication is designed to put the user into. When using Zopiclone, the patient should only do so if they have 7-8 hours between then and when they must wake up.

When using Zopiclone, it should be taken when there is no need to perform any activities which require mental alertness, such as operating heavy machinery. Since this medication is a hypnotic drug, the user may still show sedated effects the following day, depending on their metabolism. Do not use Zopiclone while under the influence of alcohol, or when planning to consume alcohol. Combining the two could result in a large increase of sedation in the user, making it incredibly difficult to wake up the following day.

Zopiclone Side Effects

As it goes with all pharmaceutical medications, Zopiclone does have the potential to bring on side effects when being used. In most cases, the potential of side effects is at its peak when the patient is using the medication incorrectly. Luckily for most, while using Zopiclone safely and responsibly, side effects are quite rare, and mild when they are experienced.

The most common side effect that is experienced while using Zopiclone is usually just a dry mouth. Occasionally patients may experience a mild bitter or metallic taste. Some may wake up fatigued or drowsy still from the medication the following morning. This will generally not be experienced when taken early enough the following evening, but some may have a slow metabolism, which can result in a delay of the half-life.

A few even less commonly experienced side effects could include a minor/moderate headache, some feelings of nausea, or being mentally agitated for little or no reason. There are rarely reports of any other side effects when using Zopiclone, but for users who do experience unusual side effects, contact a medical professional if required.

Is Zopiclone Safe?

When Zopiclone is used as it is intended to be, and for a short-term period to correct the patients sleep pattern, the medication is most certainly considered safe. Since this medication is intended to be used at bedtime only, and the effects are intended to only be experienced while asleep, only those abusing the medication could experience unsafe characteristics. For example, if somebody was to take Zopiclone before getting in their vehicle and driving, this would be highly dangerous and could result in a motor accident quite easily.

While Zopiclone will not show addictive traits for most people who use the medication, if used daily for longer than 3-4 weeks, a tolerance can be built up. If tolerance is built up and the patient continues to use the medication, this could require a higher dosage to continue experiencing the benefits. However, if the patient continues taking higher dosages of Zopiclone, this could lead to dependency issues. If the patient becomes dependent on the medication to sleep every night, this could lead to abusing the medication while trying to chase the benefits.

Benefits of Using Our Online Pharmacy

There are a massive number of benefits that patients can come to experience from changing to an online pharmacy rather than using the high-street chemist. Some of these benefits are:

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9 Benefits of a Good Nights Sleep

A good nights sleep is one of the most important aspects of life. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • During periods of deep sleep is when the body does the most physical healing
  • Proper sleep keeps the mind fully functioning, promoting clarity
  • A full nights sleep can greatly boost the immune system
  • Healthy sleep patterns promote a much stronger heart
  • Deep sleep and dreaming can improve memory
  • Sleep reduces inflammation in the body by reducing stress hormones
  • Healthy sleep patterns reduce the risk of depression
  • Sleep helps to promote weight maintenance
  • Promotes the ability to maintain mental composure in stressful scenarios

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